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Welcome Fellow Composters
With 3 different styles of worm farms available, Wyndywood worm farm has you covered :)
Our Aussie made Worm Castle, our ever popular stalwart The Vermihut and our new edition the Vermihut Mk2 (new design). Please refer to our products page for more info and also our retailers page for a stockist near you.


Hi Everyone.

Winter is upon us and our dedicated retailers have first hand knowledge on how to look after your worm farm in their climates. Worm farms need to be treated differently within different climates, so talking to someone in your region is paramount in relation to upkeep etc. If you dont have one of our retailers to help in your area, I'm always here to help :)

Also, I have had to ask all customers who use our "contact us" page to leave their phone number as well please.

I have had a large number of corrupted emails come through my website and into my computer.

I will only answer via phone numbers in the future, but will not answer emails or text messages.

Also an address will  need to be added for verification. 

Sorry for the inconvenience, but criminals always make it hard to trust anyone in cyberspace.

Thanks for your understanding. 

Happy composting 

 We have a new worm farm!!! The Worm Castle.

Made here in Melbourne Victoria

This farm is designed to be used indoors, such as  a brick garage or under a protected verandah, under the house or even the laundry. (All Worm farms shouldnt be left in the elements at all, especially the sun)

Go to our Worm Castle page for more info.

Operating since 2000, Wyndywood Worm Farm has now been based in Kilmore, Central Victoria, Australia for 15 years.  We have been a small worm farm business, selling to local hardware stores and residents from Romsey to Seymour for the past 16 years.

We have now expanded to accommodate customers Australia wide. Wyndywood Worm Farm now have retail friends in most states. Please refer to our nearest retailers page for more details.

Due to our low overheads in operating a small business we can keep our prices down and can now supply via the internet to meet the needs of the home compost enthusiast. 

Please look through our website to read about our Very popular VermiHut worm farm as well as our alternative to worm farming, The Wyndywood Bokashi Bin.

New products include our own Aussie made Worm castle, and the new Vermihut MK2, 4 tray system.

  Worm farming accessories now available. 

Please refer to VermiHut and Bokashi pages.

Also, Most of our larger products include registered delivery, so please do not be alarmed at the prices. :)

Pick up is also most welcome



 If you are not purchasing through Paypal, Our bank details are as follows

BSB: 803078

ACC# 100067342

Name Wyndywood worm farm


Please email on smr.wwf@gmail.com with your order and I will correspond with an invoice for your purchases, its that easy.






New retailers

Please welcome these new retailers to our composting family. Welcome aboard everyone

NT and north end: Eco Passive

QLD: Biome

VIC: EcoRus

SA: Uncle robs worm farm

      Australian worm firm

      Port Adelaide food gardening

These retailers contact details can be found on our retailers page on this website.



At this point in time, Wyndywood is not breeding worms and focusing on our other great products, but we have many retail friends on our page that have healthy farm fresh worms ready for dispatch. We advise not going to your local large garden store and purchase shelf stored worms (unless they are changed regularly such as bellerine worms are in his local area) and go straight to a worm farmer on my retailers page.


Here at Wyndywood worm farm, we have an ever increasing range of products to use around the home, indoors and out.




Here at Wyndywood worm farm. We are very flexible.

We sell Wholesale to Online stores with knowledge on worm farming and compost, general retailers such as worm farmers, eco-stores and nurseries the list goes on.

We can also supply wholesale to Schools, Councils, garden clubs (bulk orders) and fundraising organisations

We can also sell to companies via shipping container lots, to save thousands of dollars per unit.

Call us for more info. Cheers




Quote of the week

For the caravan and camping Buffs that want to do that little bit for the environment when camping, instead of throwing away your waste filling up campsite bin depots, why not take a bokashi bin with you and bring your food waste home with you to bury in your garden.

Camp ground rubbish bins can look like mini landfill sites at times, which attract vermin, flies and other nasties.

Dont be apart of it ,and use a bokashi bin. They are airtight and will fit neatly inside your caravan or camper. A bokashi bin for 2 people will take approx 4 to 6 weeks to fill with food waste whilst on the road, so is also awesome for those longer trips. We take one everytime we're away to help the environment, even at caravan parks.

The time is now for everyone to do a little to help our precious environment. We just have to look at the changing climate. Yes, it may have happened anyway, like some sceptics say, but the human race has definitely accelerated the problem to a point we see it changing every year, not every decade for example.

Thanks for listening and happy composting to all.

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Dear Interstate customers

Please refer to our "nearest retailers page for interstate sellers.

Most can also deliver via mail.

Most areas are covered for your convenience. If not, please contact me directly for assistance.


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